Youth Program



Mini Dragons
Our Mini Dragons program is specially designed for 3 year olds, the perfect age to begin to build skills vital to growth and development.  We focus on good listening, attention and focus, self control, balance, coordination and flexibility. We teach all of this in a very positive and supportive way to ensure that kids have fun while feeling confident in physical activity.

Mini Dragons is a once-a-week 30 minute class.

dec_grad-2Little Dragons
Little Dragons is designed for children in preschool and kindergarten Our age-appropriate teaching plan focuses on fundamental listening skills, focus, and fine and gross motor skills. This program also begins to lay the foundation for kids to learn important life skills around self-discipline, respect and positive relationships with their peers and adults.

Little Dragons is a twice a week 30-minute program.

Our Juniors program for 1st grade and above builds on the foundations set through the younger programs and continues to reinforce and practice those skills while also focusing on physical strength and fitness, and personal defense techniques and forms.
During these important formative elementary school years, we are also focused on helping this age group build personal and physical confidence. These skills, particularly learned in a consistently positive environment, help kids to develop a stronger sense of self. Our curriculum includes learning and practicing respect, kindness, integrity and empathy. Our goal is also to empower them to manage peer relationships and to successfully handle or avoid conflict situations and bullying.

Juniors is a twice a week 40-minute program.