April 2019 Character Development Program, TEAMWORK

For the month of April, we discussed all aspects of Teamwork.

Our general atmosphere at Callahan’s is to be an inclusive, accepting, supporting and fun place to be. We all work together to make this place what it is and students and teachers are always encouraging each other. As they work their way through the belt ranks, there is always someone cheering them on or a friend working towards their next belt right beside them. It is a camaraderie like no other. 

We reminded our students that not only do we love to see students working together in karate class, we love to see them working together outside of class. It is wonderful to hear about our students positive connections in their community whether it’s a great travel sports team, a service project or the school musical. All of these places require so much teamwork to run their courses smoothly.

Another area of teamwork that we talked about is family. We encouraged students to help out their parents and siblings because these are their very first and most important team members. By keeping their room tidy, cleaning up after themselves and helping their parents get dinner ready, they are helping out their main team.

Earlier this year, Callahan’s was awarded the Diversity Award from the Bedford Chamber of Commerce. We were very honored to receive this particular award because it is very important to us to promote this sort of atmosphere. It really doesn’t matter where you come from, what you believe or where you work, because when you come here, you become part of our team just by stepping out on the mat and training in martial arts with us. 

“Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us better.”

Richard CallahanTeamwork