I grew up as part of a family that visited Callahans for about two decades. I cannot tell you how impactful they’ve been to my life, and to see them grow over the years and to have been part of that experience gave me discipline, manners and respect towards others I would never gotten otherwise. If you want your kid to be raised to be a respectful young lady/man, bring them here with joy and passion; or maybe join in yourself! My father and I did it together and it helped not only his health but our bonding. I keep this establishment in high regard and always will. Not only do they hold a high moral code, teaching dedication, perseverance and judgement, but they also give you- a child or adult- things to think about outside of the studio. Words of the month have changed my life and made me think deeper about all the words I say and actions I take. The creeds said before class give determination to everyone to make themselves better, and I still sometimes say them to myself when I’m going through a difficult time years after leaving. Overall, whether it’s for fitness, mental health, motivation, or for your kids, there’s no better place than Callahans.
— Michael Foti
A very well run program- both my kids continue to go there and really enjoy it.
— Srikanth
I started at this studio in 1999 at the age of 4 and am still a student now at the age of 22. All of the instructors are absolutely phenomenal and have shaped my life in ways I cannot explain. I would not be the person that I am today without the Callahans, Mr. G, and Mr. Clements. They cultivate a family atmosphere and make sure that every student feels welcome and important. I cannot recommend this studio enough to a parent who is looking to get their child involved in martial arts or who is looking for physical activity themselves. As a student you will learn so much more than self defense but also honesty, courtesy, self-discipline and a multitude of other qualities to set your child up for a very successful life.
— Kevin Falco
We have been going to Callahan’s for over two years. My 9 year old boy is often reluctant to try new things, as he is his own worst critic. He was also notorious for not wanting to continue his activities. He is now about to be a blue belt (graduation on Saturday). Callahan’s gets credit for the enormous boost in his confidence - in and outside of karate. The entire staff conducts classes with a clear message and focus on character building, strength and kindness. They consistently create a safe place for kids to try new things and remarkably, set each child up for success. I have never met a student of any age that doesn’t adore the Callahan’s Karate instructors. The Kempo aspects are totally fun and safe but really gets the kids excited. More than once, I have reached out to the Callahans and Mr. G/Mr. Clements, when my son was going through some personally difficult times and they, were a great help, never hesitating to bolster him when he needed a little extra encouragement. I can not recommend it more highly - over and over again, they prove that they know exactly how to make the kids shine!
— Deb
My family and I have trained here for years. Great facility, fantastic instructors. Martial arts stripped of the mysticism. The classes are different every week. You won’t get bored in this program.
— Jeff Stewart
My kids and I have been training at Callahan’s for four years now. We worked very hard to earn our black belts. It is a family oriented business - meaning the Callahan’s and the fellow students become a second family to so many of us. Their whole philosophy is centered around positive reinforcement when teaching. Yes, children and adults learn how to defend themselves, but we are taught to use “common sense before self defense”, and how to improve focus and determination. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and committed to teaching their art. You and/or your children will thrive and confidence will build in this environment, whether it be because of amazing instructors, help from a member of the Leadership Team, or a fellow student of the same rank.
— Laura
If you want your kids to do martial arts, or even just provide them with an energy outlet while teaching them respect, support and other great attributes this is the place for you! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. It has a real family feel to the entire center. Our son has been there since he was 3 - still loves it (is now 8)…highly recommended.
— Glenn
I have known Callahan’s Karate Studio since 2000. This is a great place to learn Martial Arts and I am extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to train there. This is by far the best Martial Arts school I have ever trained in. The instructors are highly knowledgable, innovative, and passionate about both the art of Kenpo and the art of teaching. My fellow students are of all ages, and I have never before seen such warm, friendly, and helpful group of people. I highly recommend Callahan’s Kenpo to anyone looking to join themselves and/or to have their kids study Martial Arts!
— Oleg
My husband and I started our son and daughter at Callahan’s karate at very young ages. Our hopes were that karate would help them gain focus, self discipline, strength and self-confidence. Callahan’s has done all that and more for our children in the last six years. Our kids have grown tremendously — in physical strength, emotional maturity and self-confidence. Callahan’s focuses not only on the physical well-being of their students, but also emphasizes the growth of an individual’s integrity and character development. Character values such as respect, self-control, and compassion are modeled by instructors and spotlighted at every lesson. Having watched the amazing transformations in our children, one whom is a second degree junior black belt and the other testing to become a junior black belt this year, I began karate lessons myself several years ago. My ambition is to earn my black belt by the age of 50. I have noticed a significant difference in my own strength and confidence, and feel an inner joy as I clearly see my progress while working toward achieving my personal goals. As a pediatrician, I see the numerous benefits in karate from my own personal experiences, and highly recommend it to many of my patients. Karate has made a significant impact in our family. I can only praise Callahan’s wonderful team of instructors and enthusiastically recommend their school!
— Loretta, Parent
We walked into Callahan’s Karate with a typical 3 1/2 year old little boy too busy to focus, constantly in motion and ready to challenge the world. Fifteen years later, that same student has laser focus, motivates children just like he was, and has been inspired to enter teaching to continue his influence. Not every kid thrives in the typical suburban sports; karate reaches students in a way unlike others. It’s given Rob (Mr. Ackerman) life skills, a second family, and friendships like no other. The respect, determination, maturity and perseverance behind the uniform and belt are hard to find elsewhere.
— Lisa A. Freed, Parent