July 2019 Character Development Program, Diligence

“I’ll do my best.” These are the words that every karate student says as they bow onto the karate mat in our school. These words are a reminder that once you get out into your karate class, you are going to put in all your effort to try your best for that day. Your best can change from time to time depending on how you’re feeling, but you always do what you can. This is just one of the many ways we practice diligence. 

This month we are reminding all our students to be diligent by setting goals and focusing on them little by little every day. By putting in this time and not giving up, you can accomplish a lot. The people around you will notice how hard of a worker you are and respect you, as well as be impressed at what you’re capable of. Whether it’s parents, teachers or friends you inspire, being a hard diligent worker is a much better way to get things done than slacking off and just getting by. It’s easy to be mediocre in most things, but it takes a diligent person to exceed expectations and accomplish great things like getting your black belt, running a race, getting an A on a test, getting into a great college, getting a promotion at work, etc. Whatever it is that you are working towards, just do your best!