My son started at Callahan’s in 2nd grade. At the time he didn’t have much interest in any physical activities after school and we thought he’d really benefit from the positive environment and the structured nature of the program. Little did we know just how critical a role karate would play in his life. In 3rd grade he started to struggle in school..with academics and anxiety. It was a very difficult time and despite how much he liked karate, his difficulties at school permeated everything in his life. Karate truly became an anchor for him – of consistency, positivity, support. If felt at times that it was the only place he felt confident. Mr. and Mrs. Callahan and their team of instructors were also incredibly encouraging and supportive, and over time things improved. He continued to grow within the program and joined the Leadership Team and then earned his junior black belt.
My son is now about to start 8th grade. He is happy and confident in who he is (as much as a middle schooler can be!). I’ve seen him draw on the principles he’s learned through karate to make good choices and work hard. I’ve seen him grow in so many ways through being a part of the Callahan’s family – in ways that I think he doesn’t even realize yet (but I know someday he will).


Two years after my son started at Callahan’s his younger sister decided she wanted in on the fun. Because of the family program, I decided to try it too. I was looking for something new and karate was definitely out of my comfort zone, so I made myself try it. I also wanted to set a good example of health and fitness for my kids. I was very nervous that first day at my intro lesson, and in my first few classes. But the environment there is so supportive, I didn’t feel uncomfortable for long. I started to really look forward to my 2 classes week, and found it a great escape from daily life of work, family and motherhood. I loved the combination of learning techniques and forms, the physical training and camaraderie with the other adult students and the fantastic instructors. After a while there were a few other “karate moms” in the program so we started meeting at class on Friday nights. It was great end to the week. I have been at Callahan’s for nearly 4 years, and now I can’t imagine not being a part of it. It has helped me to feel empowered, strong and accomplished. I will test for my black belt next fall, but now that I get close to that goal, I feel like I’m just getting started!